Spam Comments on Instagram

You know the ones… ‘Promote it on’, ‘DM me’, ‘Send pic’ bloody annoying! But there is a way to stop them or at least hide them from your feed.
Go to your settings, Click on Privacy – Hidden Words – Manage List – Add words or phases.
You can block them and I used to do this but there are just so many of them now I would end up with more people on my blocked list than on my followers list.

Now there is a discussion that these comments, although spam are still comments so leave them and they will help with Instagram’s algorithms and that got me thinking, if they are only hidden maybe they actually still count. So I turned to Instagram’s help pages and this is what they say…
“There are two ways that you can hide potentially offensive comments and message requests that you don’t want to see on Instagram.
Content that doesn’t go against our Community Guidelines, but may be inappropriate, disrespectful or offensive (e.g. racial slurs and swear words) can be hidden from your comments and message requests using the Hidden words setting. You can also create a custom list of words, phrases, numbers and emojis that you want to hide.
Bear in mind that hidden comments are still included in your total comment count, and when a comment or message is hidden the person who sent it won’t know.”

So there you go, we can all hide the spammy comments from our feeds but still have them count towards Instagram’s algorithms.

Let us know what you feel about them.


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