If you’re in business today, you almost without a doubt have to have an online presence. A website, a Facebook business page, a Twitter account, a Linkedin profile not to mention Google+, Instagram, Snapchat and possibly one or two more.

Social media is big and it’s growing and how you look online is important. Whether you use your social media to sell and promote your business/ product or if it sits quietly in the background, rest assured your customers will be looking at you online, even if it is to check your opening hours. 

When creating each different account for your business you need to make sure that on each platform your company brand is instantly recognizable. The key to this is being consistent.

It’s all in a name.

Keep your username the same (or at least very similar if you can’t get the same) across all the platforms you use. If your clients know you as Peter Jones there is little point in your username being buttercups. For us, our website is Designmypost.com, our Facebook is Designmypost, Twitter is designmypost…..get the idea?

Be sure to grab your username for each social media platform as soon as you can, even if you don’t intend to set up an account straight away- better for you to have it than your competitor!

Use the same profile photo.

The one most common element of nearly all social media accounts is the profile photo. This image will generally be displayed on your main profile page as well as (on most platforms) next to your updates.

Your profile photo could be your company logo or a headshot of the boss. If you’re a dog walking service, it may be a picture of the cutest dog you have ever seen. Whatever it is make sure it reflects your business and once you decide what image you are using, stick with it.

Stick with the same cover photo.

Each platforms cover photo size is different which is a pain but it is worth making the effort and insuring that on each platform you look good. Once again consistency, use the same image. Think of it as the front of a shop, if you don’t recognise the shop and it looks untidy and messy, are you going to go in?

Make sure your cover photo fits the space. There is nothing worse than missing text or bad alignment on a cover picture. This is your company’s image, a customers first impression, make it a positive one. 

At Design My Post, we can do this for you. We can create your cover photo for your social media platform or adjust the one you have so it fits, Just get in touch.

Add your tagline.

Add your company’s tagline and if you don’t have one, make one. Once again the key is to be consistent. Use the same tagline on each and every social media platform. Keep it sweet and make sure it’s relevant. You may know what your company is all about but you need to be able to get that across to your potential customers clearly and simply.


Many of the social media platforms now allow you to choose your own colours and again, keep it consistent. We use a lovely shade of purple but your firm may very well use a different colour. Colour can influence customers a lot more than people realise. For instance, lets take an online dating site that uses Black and red, it gives off an instant image that people viewing the site or the social media accounts will make an immediate assumption about. Gardening firms or environmental issues may well use green or if you’re looking to promote loyalty orange is good.

By keeping everything looking the same it will make it easy for your potential customers to instantly recognize your business across all platforms and promotes confidence in the fact that they are connecting with an established, well organized business.


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