Design My Post Social Media Graphics

For businesses Instagram it is a great platform to show off your product or service and if you do it well it can be very effective.

This blog contains some useful hints and tips to make it work better for your business. Every business is different and what works fantastically for one may not work for another.

‘Instagram likes engagement. Talk to your followers, reply to comments & build relationships’

Engagement is massively important when it comes to algorithms. The social media bods want us to be chatting with other members and having conversations. It’s not enough anymore to simply like pictures, we need to like and comment too.

‘Make your comments count. To register within Instagram’s algorithms you need to use four or more words’

And one word answers just aren’t enough either. It will take four or more words to boost your feeds algorithms. So from now on your ‘wonderful’ comment needs to be ‘Wow! That is wonderful!’

‘Encourage your followers to engage with you by asking questions’

Sounds easy enough, doesn’t it?

You may well not get an answer but by asking the question you are encouraging the conversation. Always answer comments, be nice, be polite, remember that this is your businesses image and whether anyone is commenting or not there will always be potential clients reading it.

 ‘Instagram is a two way street. Don’t expect people to follow you when you don’t follow anyone.’

When I see a profile that has 1000’s of followers and follows no-one and they are not a celebrity, my first reaction is spam, fake followers and no real depth or importance. To have a good active account that works well for business you need engagement, if you don’t follow anyone, who are you going to engage with? The no followers accounts tend to be all ‘Me, Me, Me’ and that’s not going to benefit anyone. 

So follow interesting people and people that may be interested in your business, connect with them and engage in conversation by liking and commenting on their posts, ask them questions giving them something to respond too and hopefully they will do the same. 


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